Lend Ezy has


Our mission is simple – To help you get the mortgage monkey off your back sooner! We’re out to challenge the banks by delivering you home loans packed full of features mixed with super low interest rates and low fees. It’s how we get our kicks, and the reason we get out of bed in the morning!

Our Ezy and secret recipe

We take one part of our unparalleled experience, mix it with an equal measure of our first-class customer service, and finally we partner with Australia’s leading non-banks to secure access to the best low-cost wholesale funders in the market = MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!

Where do we get the funds for our loans?

We are a Mortgage Manager for wholesale Funders powered by Adelaide Bank, Origin MMS, Pepper Money, LaTrobe, Sintex and BC Funding. Unlike a Broker we get the Lender to compete for your business and pass the savings direct to you. They enable us to access competitive alternatives through wholesale funding and a process called Securitisation.

Who is LendEzy

Lend Ezy originates from a group of multi-award winning companies seeking to challenge the banks on lending finance. Since 2006, Mortgage Ezy has risen among the non-banks to become one of Australia’s most highly awarded Mortgage Managers for superior service, product and price. See our list of awards here.

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