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The Lend Ezy process

We’re here to help you at every step toward getting your new home loan and to start saving money. Find out what you can expect getting a Lend Ezy Home Loan.

The Lend Ezy process
Application to Settlement
  • Find us online!

    We’re out to fight the banks. Our aim is to save YOU money with low interest rates! Compare your loan with a Lend Ezy loan and think about how much you could effortlessly save.

  • We'll send you some information

    You’ll receive information about the loan that best suits you, and show you how much you could personally save on a lower rate!

  • Apply for a Lend Ezy loan

    Complete and send us all necessary documents to apply. Our finance managers will let you know exactly what you need.

  • Conditional Approval

    The funder approves your application subject to certain conditions. This could be further documentation, or a valuation of the property.

  • Valuation

    The valuer contacts you to book an appointment at your convenience to value your property. The valuation gets sent to the Lender.

  • Formal Approval

    The Funder has received the valuation and Formally Approved your application! Mortgage documents are mailed to you.

  • Mortgage Documents Sent

    You receive the Mortgage Documents by mail. Review, sign and return to Lend Ezy.

  • Settlement

    Congratulations! Your Lend Ezy loan has settled! On this day, the loan funds are exchanged into your account.

  • After Settlement

    Our team will call you within 24-48 hours of settlement to help you log in to your accounts and answer any questions you may have.

Everyone's unique

How much you could save depends on your own situation


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